A native of Chicago, Tristen left the confines of the windy city after graduating from college. She set out for Nashville where she sought out a more granular, organic music scene. There she grafted influences from music and people she found in the city’s grittier establishments.

Tristen’s album Charlatans At The Garden Gate is out February 1st 2011, and has won early praise ahead of release. (ORDER HERE)

“Tristen Gasapadarek, is sure to capture hearts across America with upbeat, earnest songs that remain in the brain long after the music ends.” -Venus Zine

“Her sound, which she describes as ‘neo-traditionalist pop,’ is as much about telling stories as showcasing her sweet, soulful voice, both of wich are on display on a 7″ she released last month and a full length, Charlatans At The Garden Gate, out February 2011″

“She brings a blossoming pop sensibility to her witty, not-as-sweet-as-it-seems country.”
-Wall Street Journal

“Her strength seems to reside in her ability to be musically versatile. Utilizing various orchestrations, Tristen weaves a glistening web of thoughtful and extremely mature melodies that tremble with undeniable power.” -American Songwriter

“Tristen is an artist to watch, and Charlatans is album to savor.”
-Performer Magazine

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